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John Wayne

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2008 HALLOWEEN 2008

happy halloween for 2008! this is lainey with her pumpkins that her and papa picked out!
if you can't tell what they are the one is the disney castle and the other is cinderella! lainey thinks that she is a princess her self.......we will just let her think that!

this is lainey trick-or-treating at my mom and dads! she was tinkerbell this year! we had a lot of fun.....last year she wouldn't even go because she thought that it was too scary. well happy halloween 2008! sorry it took so long to post the pictures.


Jaymie said...

Hey i am adding you to my bog i hope that is okay. visit us at thehansenhouseofboys.blogspot.com

Taggart Family said...

She looked so cute! And your pumpkins turned out really good!